Relationship Counselling Marriage Counselling


Most people who have problems in their relationships seek counselling. Relationship coaching, couples coaching and marriage coaching are not as well known. If you are like most people who seek help for their relationship problems, the first thing that comes to your head is relationship counselling, marriage counselling or couples counselling.

Relationship coaching is a relatively new approach. At the risk of over-generalization, there are some rough distinctions between counselling and coaching:

  • Counselling understands and resolves the past. Coaching needs the past as a context in which new goals are set.
  • Counselling revolves around feelings. Coaching revolves around outcomes and goals.
  • Counselling helps clients resolve old problems and improve emotional states. Coaching helps clients learn new skills in order to build better futures.
  • Counselling is about understanding. Coaching is about understanding and taking action.
  • Counselling asks why we can't be happy. Coaching asks how we can be happy.
  • Counselling is cure- and healing-orientated. Coaching is goal and success orientated.

You don't need to wait for your relationship to become unbearable in order to change it. There is always some room for improvement. Don't be one of those people waiting for a miracle to happen. Do something about your relationship and your life NOW!