Couples Coaching - Marriage Coaching

It happens only in movies that they fall in love and live happily ever after. In reality, all relationships change over time. Many couples who face relationship difficulties turn to a Marriage Counsellor to help them move to a more loving and peaceful relationship. If you are considering marriage or couples counselling, you may wish to explore working with a Life Coach as an alternative. Coaching is proactive and explores mutual change rather than therapeutic.

Has your relationship changed in an unsatisfying way? Have you lost that loving feeling? Are you not getting what you want and what is important to you? Coaching may help you, especially if you feel that a "a course correction" or injection of passion is all that is needed.

Maybe your partner doesn't want to stay committed. Perhaps there is not enough sex or intimacy. You don't feel understood, loved, and appreciated, or maybe you feel taken for granted. Are you stuck in an old routine? Maybe you are both stuck, and unhappy. Do you keep arguing over the same stuff and feel there is little or no communication? Perhaps you can't cope with jealousy or your partner drives you crazy. Maybe you're facing the threat of divorce. Or perhaps, you've had to deal with emotional or physical abuse.

Don't wait until it's too late. The time to act is now!

With my help you can transform your relationship into a really satisfying one. The one you've always wanted, where you can be yourself, and feel understood and appreciated.

Why not give coaching a try. You can learn how to communicate easily, be loving, and feel loved.

Couples coaching works best when each partner has individual as well as joint sessions. This ensures that each of you has the opportunity to fully express your concerns without fear of hurting the other partner's feelings. Of course, all sessions are confidential, which allows you to safely express your deepest feelings. My job as a couples coach is very often similar to mediating, as I act as a peacemaker between two sides. With me there is a much bigger chance that your partner will eventually
understand your point of view and that you will be able to work things out.



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